SAP Hosting in the AWS Public Cloud


Sanner moves its systems with Syntax to AWS and benefits from a high level of SAP and cloud expertise and falling hosting costs.

“Syntax takes care of our team, working very closely with us. Their SAP hosting and applications management services work hand-in-hand. The experts are solution-oriented, the communication with the specialist users is continuous, and overall, we benefit from a strong relationship. Syntax recognizes our challenges and our needs, and they are ready to think outside the box to help us.”

Karsten Ernst | Sanner Group

Sanner GmbH was founded in 1894. Headquartered in Germany, Sanner has successfully built world-class production facilities in Germany, France, Hungary, and China to become the global market leader for desiccant components and bioplastic packaging. In addition, Sanner is a highly respected provider of custom solutions in the fields of medical technology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer healthcare. Today, Sanner distributes products in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Sanner relies on the secure operation of its ERP systems. The global company develops and produces high-quality plastic primary packaging and components for pharmaceutical applications and medical technology at locations worldwide.

A clear competitive advantage was Syntax’s international presence and extensive resources - ensuring future Sanner locations worldwide would also be covered. At the same time, Syntax brought its close partner AWS into play. With Syntax and AWS’s strength and the existing relationship, it was a decision for Sanner to use the public cloud.

Download this case study to discover what Sanner was able to accomplish with Syntax to AWS

  • International support
  • Strong mix of SAP, cloud, and industry know-how
  • Migration of multiple systems
  • Switching to public cloud
  • Unlimited business interruption to ensure a smooth transition