In this session, Syntax looks at use cases for E-Business Suite (EBS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), including hybrid and disaster recovery use cases based on real customer projects.  

The speakers review Oracle technology licensing implications on cloud and explore how organizations can use OCI subscription licensing to scale their environments. You’ll get insights on architecture options, cost management and implementations at the database tier, including Compute, DBCS, ExaCS, and Autonomous, as well as Azure/OCI hybrid options. You’ll also learn about other implementation considerations, including connectivity to and integration with on-premises and other cloud environments and the impact of certain OCI implementation decisions on maintenance activities. 

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  •  Understand use cases and licensing implications of EBS on OCI, based on real-world customer projects and gain an understanding of related costs.

  • Learn about the options for migrating the database tier and their implications, including scalability and security benefits. 

  • Learn architecture and implementation tips and tricks for EBS on OCI, including how to integrate it into your wider applications ecosystem. 

About the speakers:

Mike Rulf Charles Valade
CTO  EBS Solutions Architect  (Syntax)

Charles is a seasoned technology professional with 30 years of experience in the IT field. For the last 15 years, he has been working in the enterprise application managed services space in client management, solution architecture, and technical sales roles. He has designed and supported Oracle applications solutions on traditional hosting platforms, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).