To remain competitive in manufacturing, a digitized, data-driven production strategy based on IIoT is critical to success. Companies who don’t evolve with Industry 4.0 business processes and leverage IIoT solutions will be at risk of becoming uncompetitive.

With IIoT, a manufacturer can collect IoT data from the shop floor and analyze it for Asset Management, Condition Monitoring, Process Control, and Predictive Maintenance & Quality, resulting in greatly improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

In this webinar recording, you will learn about:
  •  Smart Factory/IIoT use cases that provide tangible business value
  • Considerations to plan and start your IIoT journey
  • Leveraging an end-to-end reference architecture to minimize the time, cost, and risk of an IIoT deployment
  • Syntax’s IIoT Portal, integrated AWS with SAP, that provides a consolidated analytics view and enables proactive resolution through maintenance scheduling, spare parts management, and SAP work orders
  • How Telit’s high-performance IoT modules, connectivity services, and software enable successful end-to-end connection of ‘things to apps’
  • Van-Luong Ngo,  Team Manager IoT, Analytics & AI, Syntax
  • Joe Rosing, WW Business Development Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, AWS
  • Ricardo Buranello, Senior Vice President and Head of Telit IoT Platforms, Telit