Modernizing JD Edwards to Integrate with Machines, Intelligently

Originally delivered at INFOCUS 2022


Learn to integrate any type of equipment with JDE

ERP solutions integrate various business modules like procurement, inventory, manufacturing, sales, etc. to provide an integrated solution to the business. As advanced technologies like IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have emerged, business needs have advanced to adapt these new technologies. Creating a closed loop, the ERP will now integrate these technologies where-by data is captured at the source, augmented with intelligence, and acted upon within the ERP. When the intended action is complete, it can be reflected back to the source equipment.

In this session, a Syntax expert will discuss a solution designed to integrate any type of equipment (grand fathered or state of the art) with JDE. We will demonstrate using a simple use case featuring a Capital Asset Management process. Though the solution is not limited to the Capital Asset Management module, it will give users a glimpse of how the solution can be enabled for any type of process.

Key Takeaways:

  •  IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence concepts
  • Capturing data from IoT
  •  Analyzing and predicting using ML/AI
  • Actions in the ERP (creating WO, report completion)
  • Enabling equipment to active status
  • Scalability to other areas (Manufacturing, Real Estate, HR, etc.)


Mahesh Sathenjeri
ERP Specialist, Syntax