Debunking Myths and Informing the Go-Forward Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite Users

Understand the current and future capabilities of E-Business Suite and the expectation for long-term support and innovation

Oracle E-Business Suite has been around for over 30 years which would normally put it in the age category of a legacy system like mainframes. But EBS has consistently evolved from its beginning as an Enterprise Resource Planning solution to be a global system effective across multiple industries with advanced capabilities like automation, digitalization, cloud capabilities and a lifetime support policy. 

However, with a growing trend towards cloud applications and increased options from other ERP vendors including Oracle, is E-Business Suite nearing the end of its useful life?

In this 60 Minute webinar, EBS experts from Oracle and Syntax review a recent survey of end-user perceptions and compare their perception with the reality of how Oracle is investing in the EBS platform for the long haul.

In this webinar we review:

  • What Oracle EBS users are saying – findings from the Syntax/OATUG E-Business Suite data study
  • How companies are leveraging EBS
  • What do customers think are EBS’s greatest strengths and weaknesses
  • How EBS can continue to fit into your strategic technology roadmap
  • The E-Business Suite product strategy
  • The E-Business Suite support roadmap
  • The future of EBS
  • Examples of how Oracle plans to maintain and innovate EBS as a relevant ERP platform for the long term
  • How EBS product strategy and planned innovation address customer perceptions of EBS. 


Mike Rulf
Director of Solution Architects - Oracle, Syntax
Cliff Godwin
Senior Vice President - Oracle Application Development, Oracle