On-Demand Webinar

Zero Trust and SASE: Not Voodoo, Just Greater Security

Cybersecurity Executive Forum 

Despite what you might hear, Zero Trust isn’t voodoo

Zero Trust (ZT) isn’t some black magic secret that nobody can decipher. At its core, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) takes a bunch of complex controls and makes them doable. Seamlessly. And your ZT journey starts with your ERP.

In this 60-minute Cybersecurity Executive Forum, Syntax Security Expert, Matthew Rogers, and a panel of experts discuss the latest cybersecurity trends and solutions including ZT and SASE.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry Trends for Cyber Security in 2023, learning from 2022
  • Security for High Uptime Critical Applications like ERP (how do you protect these things)
  • Protecting your crown jewels while keeping your Supply Chain
  • Protection from Ransomware?
  • Global Cyber Security Impacts from Geo-Political Instability


Matthew Rogers
Global, CISCO Security 
Mike Rulf
CTO Americas 
Jeremiah Salzberg
Chief Security Technologist
Josh Crosby
Partner Solutions Engineer
Jim Martin
Oracle Marketing Manager 
Syntax (Moderator)
Tiffany Liss
SAP Marketing Manager 
Syntax (Moderator)