SAP Hosting in the AWS Public Cloud with King's Hawaiian 

Connecting to the future of King's Hawaiian - Syntax SAP on AWS

This on-demand session addresses the customer challenges and opportunities related to the adoption, implementation, and operation of cloud services and infrastructure.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover insightful information about:
  • Applicable business challenges faced by King’s Hawaiian
  • What made sense to go with SAP on AWS
  • The advantages AWS brings to SAP deployments
  • The advantages that Syntax brings to a set of business challenges like these.
  • How does this SAP on AWS solution architected and deployed by Syntax enable King’s Hawaiian for the future?


Soo-Jin Behrstock
Senior VP, CIO, King's Hawaiian
Mike Adams
Regional Sales Director, Syntax
Jared Powell
Solutions Architect, Syntax
Soumya Sekhar
Partner Solutions Architect - SAP, AWS