Executive Exchange Webinar Series

How to Put the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into Action

Thursday, December 8, 2022  | 11:00 AM EST

Syntax Executive Exchange
A new commitment to Industrial IoT, or IIoT, can give manufacturers a critical edge in reimagining their operations

Many companies leverage IIoT and SAP, and Oracle’s capabilities to survive and thrive in today’s evolving business landscape. There are several benefits to linking IIoT and ERP data, such as predictive quality and maintenance, remotely monitoring operations, lower production costs, and increased business continuity.

Companies are also utilizing IIoT to innovate and rethink their business models, provide new digital services to their customers, create digital twins, and enable intelligent business operations. For example, IIoT can provide insights into a company’s industrial production, saving money by utilizing fewer raw materials and improving inventory management. According to the World Economic Forum, IIoT can reduce overall inventory levels and lower maintenance costs.

In part two of Syntax’s year-long, quarterly executive exchange series, you'll learn from esteemed panelists as they discuss:

  • The myths of IIoT
  • The division between IT and OT
  • Why IIoT provides tangible business value
  • How customers can plan for IIoT integration
  • Why IIoT is a significant improvement “lever” during challenging times
  • How partnering helps companies build industrial IoT applications


Jens Beck
Director of IoT, Analytics & Innovative Cloud Services, Syntax
Kristina Sturek
Kristina Sturek
SAP PM - Lead Solutions Architect, lllumiti

Dave Thielet

Dave Thielet
Senior Partner Development Manager - IoT at Amazon Web Services - AWS


Jim Martin
Jim Martin
Oracle Marketing Manager, Syntax
Tiffany Liss

Tiffany Liss
SAP Marketing Manager, Syntax