As a launch partner of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), Syntax can help you migrate your SAP systems with speed and reliability.

The AWS MAP Program is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program based upon AWS experience of migrating a thousand enterprise customers to the cloud. The program packages best practices, tools, expertise, financial incentives, and a partner ecosystem to make cloud adoption easier.

Syntax has been an AWS MAP Certified Partner since its launch in 2018. Leveraging our expertise and suite of technology products, Syntax extends SAP applications to drive innovation and optimization while achieving greater efficiency and agility.

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What are the main SAP MAP program benefits?

Initial Assessment and PoC´s

Before committing to a full migration, you can get initial assessments and run PoC´s to evaluate your best option. We analyze your current platform and quickly do a feasibility and effort analysis of what the migration entails.

Migration Cost Reduction

AWS provides a co-investment to eligible customers in the form of credits or cash to offset the cost of the migration effort.

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How the SAP MAP Program with Syntax works?

Step 1: Assess your readiness
We conduct a migration readiness assessment workshop to identify and evaluate strengths, opportunities for improvement, and business benefits.
Step 2: Mobilize your resources
We elaborate a detailed planning phase of the migration project where factors such as data migrations, interface migration, integration with other systems, accessibility and operation of the migrated environments are taken into account.
Step 3: Migrate and modernize your workloads
Once the assessment and the migration strategy has been designed by Linke and approved by the client, we execute the migration and deliver all migrated systems to the operations teams in charge of maintaining the new platform. We can also provide this post migration support via our managed services.

With the least possible impact on your day-to-day business