Consolidate SAP Documents while Optimizing Costs

SAP Content Repository (SCR) is a simple document storage solution that works well for on-premises SAP instances. In today’s increasingly hybrid world, with on-premises and cloud SAP applications needing to work together, SCR is not optimal. The solution creates silos which decrease efficiencies and increase costs through replication.

Syntax CxLink Documents leverages Syntax’s in depth knowledge of both SAP and AWS and consolidates multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster document storage, access and recovery of SAP data.

Discover how SAP-certified Syntax CxLink Documents can provide your organization with:

  • Ability to easily define retention policies for all of your SAP documents, linking the policies to the S3 storage classes to optimize cost savings
  • Tiered Amazon S3 storage classes that help organizations manage costs based on different access policies driven by data retention policies
  • SAP-certified solution available in both the AWS Marketplace and the SAP App Center