SAP Data Integrated into a Cloud Data Lakes

SAP BW has been around for years, and is a good data storage solution for an on-premises SAP instance for a department or region. However, as the Cloud provides the ability to break down silos and integrate global information, a new solution should be considered.

Organizations need to be able to integrate SAP information, regardless of location, into a modern data lake. Syntax has your solution. Syntax CxLink Data Lakes is an SAP native application that copies or moves data into an Amazon S3 based data lake.

Discover how SAP-certified Syntax CxLink Data Lakes can provide your organization with:

  • A solution integrated into your SAP environment that consolidates multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster data lakes and recovery of SAP data
  • Ability to easily define retention policies for all of your SAP instances, linking the policies to the S3 storage classes to optimize cost savings
  • SAP-certified solution available in both the AWS Marketplace and the SAP App Center