Simplify Backup Management, Improve Recovery

Backups are critical for enterprise applications. In the SAP environment, it’s likely you have multiple data stores, including HANA, ASE, and Oracle databases. Each one needs to be backed up, but existing tools often require different routines for each storage system. That should be simplified.

The CxLink product suite extends SAP applications to integrate AWS innovations and technologies such as Amazon S3. Syntax CxLink Backup leverages Syntax’s in depth knowledge of both SAP and AWS and consolidates multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster backup and recovery of SAP data.

Discover how SAP-certified Syntax CxLink Backup can provide your organization with:

  • Ability to manage which data goes into with Amazon S3 storage tier in order to optimize both retention/access policies and costs
  • Single and multi-node SAP HANA deployments on AWS
  • Fast backup and recovery, designed to achieve your recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • SAP-certified solution available in both the AWS Marketplace and the SAP App Center