Consolidate SAP Archival Data for Efficiency and Cost

Data retention policies are critical for modern business. While the SAP environment does have minimal functionality to support data retention policies, the storage management can be both complex and expensive. That’s where cloud computing can help.

The CxLink product suite extends SAP applications to integrate AWS innovations and technologies such as Amazon S3. Syntax CxLink Archive leverages Syntax’s in depth knowledge of both SAP and AWS and consolidates multiple AWS services into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster Archive and recovery of SAP data.

Discover how SAP-certified Syntax CxLink Archive can help your organization:

  • Balance retention polices and costs to manage your archival needs
  • Consolidate all your varied archives into a single location for more transparent documentation and access
  • Manage which data goes into with Amazon S3 storage tier in order to optimize both retention/access policies and costs