Ransomware Gone Wild

Ransomware is surging. With the global pandemic shifting record numbers of employees to remote work and inherently more permissive virtual private network (VPN) access policies, cyber adversaries are not letting a good global crisis go to waste.

A Bitdefender Threat Landscape Report says there has been a 715% increase in the volume of ransomware attacks year over year. And with 27% of victims paying the ransoms, according to a recent Crowdstrike survey, it’s no wonder that ransomware gangs are encouraged to accelerate their lucrative assault.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to best defend your company against the surge of ransomware attacks, including:

  • 5 common cybersecurity pitfalls that weaken ransomware security
  • A checklist for ransomware recovery
  • A straightforward plan to prevent a ransomware attack