Objectives and Challenges Driving IT in Today’s Enterprise

2020 was a year of forced transformation for IT leaders. The mass shift of employees to work from home resulted in an eruption of cyberattacks. Bad actors feasted on vulnerable endpoints at home offices and new cloud deployments. Budget cuts and reductions in headcount shifted the priority of IT projects. With such a tumultuous year behind us, Syntax wanted to know:

What’s next for IT?

To answer this important question, Syntax surveyed 500 IT decision-makers to assess how the global pandemic affected their businesses and what strategic decisions they’ll make for IT in 2021.

Key findings in this 2021 IT Trends Benchmark Report include:

  • Cybersecurity to be outsourced at an astonishing rate
  • Expect cloud security to surprisingly be neglected
  • IT leaders to have a rare negotiation opportunity
  • Data analytics to see substantial gains in IT

With IT now seen as a critical component of business success, IT decision-makers have a groundbreaking opportunity to bring digital transformation to new heights. How will your company use this pivotal moment in 2021?  Find out now.