Enterprises are Suffering a Crisis of Overconfidence in IT

Syntax recently asked leaders in IT and Finance departments how innovative their enterprise is, in areas ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity. Their answers were astounding. While many ranked themselves on the leading edge — among the top 5% of businesses in each category — their actual capabilities and attitudes reflected a much different picture.

Our data provides a critical reality check on perception vs. reality when it comes to enterprise innovation, whether it is focused on security, cloud, or advanced applications like AI and automation. But overconfidence doesn’t have to be negative. Hidden opportunities exist as long as enterprises can honestly reassess their capabilities and IT strategies.

Key findings contained in this Innovation Reality Check include:

  • Innovation vs. Illusion: Enterprise leaders give their strategies high marks — but is it reality or overestimation?
  • Strategy Checkup: Are the current long-term strategies of the enterprise aligned with competitors and customer expectations?
  • The Security Crisis: Even the best-laid plans can get hacked — why are companies not more confident in their security capabilities?
  • Time to Reassess Strategy: Every strategy deserves a second look. Are you less capable of innovation or more vulnerable to threats than you thought?