Prioritize and Address Your Security Threats

A risk is something you are not doing. And a threat is something that can exploit that risk. It’s no longer a matter of if you will experience a breach, but how often and how severe. Protect your company from today’s ever-evolving security risks and threats with Syntax’s Vulnerability Management Services.

Discover the benefits of services that continuously identify, assess, and remediate your security risks and threats across your IT environment. These services include:

  • Real-time discovery with dynamic alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities that can be weaponized (threats)
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities according to their risk score coupled with advanced heuristics, including system criticality, exposure for exploit and more
  • Security Emergency Response Team (SERT) at your service to review and explain attack vectors and recommended remediation activities
  • Workflow automation, including ServiceNow ticket creation with defined remediation plan and validation of successful remediation through testing

With Syntax, you get a comprehensive Vulnerability Management program to help your company better manage your immediate and long-term security vulnerabilities. Download the Data Sheet today to learn more.