Identify and Prioritize Security Risks

Most organizations have defined and executed multi-faceted security strategies. However, they do not have the expertise in-house to test if their strategy is effective in preventing attacks. Syntax provides organizations with a safe way to test your security posture without fear of data loss or exfiltration with Security Assessment and Audit Services.

Discover the benefits this service provides to assess the current state of security in your IT infrastructure and identify any key vulnerabilities requiring remediation, including:

  • Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities - Provide details on actual, exploitable vulnerabilities by proactively identifying the most critical for patching vs. “false” positives
  • Leverage a Proactive Security Approach - Implementing security mechanisms such as Crypto, anti-virus, and identity access management are vital but don’t eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Verify Existing Security Programs are Working and Discover Your Security Strengths - Identify what is providing ROI to effectively leverage resources
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements - Illustrate due diligence and regulatory compliance

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