Make Better Business Decisions and Convert Data into Dollars

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions utilized today are often broken, costly, and overly complicated to implement and maintain. With traditional BI implementations, too much time is spent trying to get the tools to work, inhibiting proper attention on the desired deliverables.

Syntax recognizes the issues associated with BI and has the solution: Vision, SaaS based Business Intelligence for JDE.

Discover how Vision, powered by GoodData, eliminates many problems associated with on-premises BI and provides a much more robust user experience, including:

  • Ability to integrate data from JD Edwards, social, public data, unstructured data, and internet-of-things sensors into one complete view of actionable insight
  • Secure cloud-based environment capable of scaling to any data volume and number of users
  • An intuitive analytical experience that doesn’t require expensive full-time resources to maintain