The Right On-Site Resource at the Right Time at the Right Location

Ensure your organization is protected around the clock from potentially disastrous IT equipment shutdowns that can take days or weeks to recover from. On-site Technical (OST) Support from Syntax helps maintain your end user environment and keeps employees online and productive.

Why On-Site Technical Support from Syntax?

  • Better documentation and knowledge transfer, so processes are not “in the head” of in-house technical resources that might leave the organization
  • Off-load responsibilities such as asset management, data backup, preventative maintenance and more
  • Overcome challenges of determining staffing and sourcing technicians due to time zone and language barriers
  • Eliminate the need to manage on-site technicians to ensure that duties are performed and priorities are set

Download this data sheet to discover how on-site technical support from Syntax can help your organization drive higher on-site support standards, define escalation paths, and follow up with real-time surveys.