Visibility Into Infrastructure Resources Across All Public and Private Cloud Platforms

The Syntax Customer Experience Hub (CxHub) is a multi-cloud portal which provides a single pane of glass through which customers can view and manage their Syntax Cloud solutions.

By utilizing the CxHub, customers have the ability to visualize trends in usage and billing providing insightful data with which to optimize resource allocation and configuration. Using data as a guide, customers can make informed decisions which can lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in efficiency.

Discover what CxHub administrators can accomplish within the portal, including:

  • View and monitor servers, virtual workstations, databases, network storage, block volumes, volume and database backups, network interfaces, public and private routes, and load balancers
  • Stop, start and provision servers and virtual workstations, manage public and private routes
  • Review and compare invoices, compare month-to-month billing by category and drill down into invoiced line items
  • View and filter infrastructure resource monitoring, security and support events by time, source and severity
  • Interact with resources and events across cloud platforms and regions, or filter down to a specific subset of resources