Simplifying Disaster Recovery for ERP

Business continuity is an imperative. IT disasters such as data center failures, server data corruption, or cyber-attacks can disrupt your business — impacting your revenue and damaging your reputation in the market.

Syntax’s Disaster Recovery, powered by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) CloudEndure, is a unique service that minimizes downtime and data loss through continuous replication of data, and by enabling fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS.

Download this datasheet to discover the benefits of Syntax’s Custom Cloud DR on AWS, including:

  • Reduce downtime and protect against data loss with continuous replication
  • Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) with a low-cost staging area; pay for fully provisioned workloads only in a disaster or drill
  • Protect enterprise applications and databases with a single tool; replicate all applications and databases that run on supported operating systems
  • Eliminate technical debt, hardware and software costs of existing DR environments
  • Simplified migration of workloads to AWS if needed now or in the future


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