Extend Your Organization’s Ability to Fully Utilize Oracle JD Edwards

Finding, training and managing personnel to support business application software users are constant challenges faced by most organizations. Processes are constantly changing, something doesn’t “look right,” enhancements are requested, reports need to be written and personnel can turn over. Responding to all of this can strain your staff, often limiting their ability to properly support your organization.

Application Managed Services (AMS) provide access to a Help Desk in order to assist with a broad range of application software issues that organization encounter on a daily basis.

Discover how Syntax AMS can support your organization with:

  • Experienced JD Edwards personnel to assist with your questions and problems effectively, supported by an automated ticketing and escalation system
  • Tailored support based on your unique composition of size, staffing, and complexity
  • “How to” instructions, assistance for troubleshooting application problems and reporting code problems to Oracle, issue tracking and more