Not All Security Threats Are Created Equal So Prioritize

With new data breaches and ransomware attacks coming at you every day, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with all your security threats. If you have a lack of internal resources and expertise to manage an SIEM deployment and perform real-time alert monitoring, a full operational model for SIEM with a pay as you go approach can help you meet the requirements for threat management and compliance.

Today’s Biggest Security Challenges

With limited resources, time and money, IT security teams are tasked
with making their company more secure. They are tasked with keeping up with day-to-day IT and security operations, finding and retaining skilled security talent, and getting value from their security tools.

Key Benefits of Syntax's SIEM as a Service
  • 24x7 security coverage
  • Configuration of SIEM rules
  • Syntax proactively monitors the SIEM and investigates alerts triggered by the SIEM
  • When threats are identified, Syntax helps with remediation
  • When investigated alerts are not deemed to be threats (aka “false positives”), Syntax helps you update rules to improve future alerts