Cloud Security for Your SAP Landscape

Syntax has deep experience in securing SAP apps in the cloud with our Security Operations Center (SOC) that operates around the clock. Our SOC oversees the implementation of security strategies, helping you overcome the high costs of acquiring security talent. With Syntax, there’s a combination of automation and SOC oversight to provide high-quality preventative and rapid response security for your critical SAP systems. We can respond to potential security events unique to your SAP landscape.

Key Benefits:
  • Rapid Deployment: The Syntax SOC can have Azure Sentinel running in your environment within hours and finely
    tuned for your unique SAP environment within weeks.
  • SAP App and Transactional Data Insights: Syntax will monitor SAP systems that produce viable security data in change documents, audit
    logging, job execution, and table data.
  • Correlation Across Data Sources: Cross-correlate data sources such as data associated with the network, storage, systems, and users.
  • Flexible Deployment: Deployment flexibility adapts SAP security to protect a changing IT environment.

Download this data sheet now to discover how to prevent sophisticated attacks with cloud-native security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR), guided by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Syntax’s SOC.

Syntax SAP App Security for Azure