Time to Migrate to the Public Cloud?

If you are facing the task of migrating your SAP infrastructure to public cloud, do so with a partner who intimately understands complex SAP migrations: Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, an SAP on AWS solution that pairs the SAP expertise of Syntax with the power of Amazon Web Services.

Syntax Managed Cloud Services in AWS

With Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, your organization will have its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), granting your company complete control over resources and connectivity with the highest industry level of compliance and security. Syntax Intelligence Autonomous platform provides an advanced and proactive cloud experience for SAP environments which allow auto-scaling and auto recovery from service disruptions.

In this data sheet, you'll learn: 

The Advantages of SAP on AWS with Syntax
  • Agility. Scale up or down quickly and efficiently
  • Alignment. Align resource needs with your costs
  • Transparency. Ensure right sizing for your business
  • Relevancy. Stay current on patches and updates
  • And much  more...