Improve Visibility of Your Manufacturing Operations While Enhancing the Efficiency of Your Front-Line Workers

Whether you use SAP Digital Manufacturing or a third-party solution, you don’t have to implement your digital project by yourself. Leverage Syntax’s long heritage in manufacturing to deploy your business in the cloud with powerful analytics and Industry 4.0 standards.

Syntax’s cloud portal for customers provides a new revenue stream and digital services complete with predictive maintenance information, easy customization for specific usage by customers, and a single place to visualize all relevant back-end data.

In this data sheet, you’ll discover the key benefits of SAP digital manufacturing, including:

  • Enhanced manufacturing performance while going paperless
  • Faster and more consistent insights and reporting
  • Improved visibility into manufacturing processes

As a top SAP partner, Syntax has deep technical expertise, skills, and experiences to help you implement an integrated cloud manufacturing system and enable digital industrial devices.