Use Machine Learning to Accurately Forecast in SAP

A recent study of 15 U.S. companies showed that a 15% improvement in forecasting accuracy can lead to a 3% improvement in pre-tax profits.

Don't leave money on the table.

By leveraging Syntax expertise with Amazon Forecast and SAP, customers can improve their forecast accuracy by up to 50% versus the traditional models. By predicting the demand correctly from past data points from your SAP systems, financial leaders will be able to maintain the right level of inventory to produce your goods and services and predict future demand that will eliminate financial waste.

Reliable forecasting plays a major role in your success because it answers these important questions:

  • Financial Forecasting – What is projected growth, and what does it mean for sales and revenue?
  • Operational Forecasting – How many product units should be purchased, and how much manpower do we need to meet demand?
  • Tactical Forecasting – How should promotions be run, and which geographies should they run in?

Download this data sheet to discover how to advance your forecasting capabilities by leveraging an integration between Amazon Forecast and your mission-critical SAP systems.