Embrace IoT, expand integrations, and transform your JD Edwards system with Orchestrator.

The Business Bottleneck

Whether you know it or not, your company is likely suffering from deprecated integrations. Integrations that were written years ago by a developer that moved on or retired. Integrations that were likely written in a language now proven obsolete.

These integrations may fly under the radar, but they’re tying your team up and preventing next generation innovation. Deprecated integrations cut your organization off from the outside world, inhibiting the utilization of new sensors, web services, web pages or external clients attempting to integrate with your business data.

The Orchestrator Solution

Orchestrator solves the problems posed by deprecated integrations, seamlessly vaulting users into the modern era of technology. Gone are the days where updating integrations required a third party and an exorbitant budget. This data sheet will show you...

Key Benefits
  • Eliminate deprecated integrations from your organization.
  • Enable IoT and integrate real-time data to with your business processes.
  • Integrate cloud services that were previously impossible to utilize.
  • And more...