Migrate and upgrade your Oracle EBS solution to a modern, high-performance, supported platform.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, customers are looking to the cloud for strategic advantage while also being tasked to do more with less. Regardless of how far your organization is in its cloud journey, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to host your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) solution can provide the right mix of performance, scalability, and cost savings to help you keep pace with the needs of your business.


Syntax can help:
  • Are you looking to improve performance, agility, or scalability?
  • Is your Oracle EBS running on older hardware or an inflexible data center architecture?
  • Are you worried about end-of-support dates and don’t think you have the money to modernize?
  • Are you in support limbo?
Download this data sheet to understand how Syntax can make your migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seamless, with minimal downtime and without any impact to the application. We have been hosting Oracle EBS for 25 years and have worked with OCI since 2018. We can get you onto a modern, supported platform that provides greater stability, security, and functionality.