IT Security Is More Than “Checking the Box” for Audits

What is your monthly infection rate? If you know that is great but if you don’t know that could be an issue. The industry average for monthly infection is one to three percent. In today’s evolving landscape, it is important to bring control to your environment and make sure you have the ability to respond to security alarms.

Do you get value from your alarms? Are they actionable or false alarms? Syntax can help you overcome the growing shortage and high cost of security talent, successfully secure your environment and identify your own security breaches.

A Comprehensive Security Strategy Requires Multiple Security Layers

There is no silver bullet for security. Your security strategy requires a defense that has multiple security layers and tools. Each layer and tools removes risk. These layers “slow the flow” of a potential attack.

Key Benefits of Syntax's Managed Endpoint Detection and Response
  • 24x7 security coverage
  • Advanced analysis of files and indications of compromise
  • Indication of compromise (IOC) research and behavior analysis
  • Quickly recognize value with ramp up time (5 days)
  • Deployed from start to finish in minutes/hours
  • Immediate control of your environment and the ability to respond to alarms
  • Replace your existing legacy anti-virus (AV) products at no net new cost