Revolutionizing Procurement and Materials Management through Modern Automation



Unlocking efficiency, cost savings, and improved supply chain operations.

“If you plan for the future and lay a solid foundation with your implementation partner, RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition can scale to your business needs.”

 Chief Information Officer

Since 2014, Nikola has been at the forefront of developing electric- and hydrogen-powered class 8 semi-tractors, leading the charge towards a zero-emissions future. In order to support its mission, the company recognized the need to enhance its procurement and inventory management processes.

To achieve this, Nikola embarked on a search for an automated solution that would streamline its business operations. By integrating its full truck design plans into an ERP solution with advanced material requirements planning software, Nikola is now able to deliver on its commitment to provide the most energy-conscious and innovative semi-tractors available in the market.


Discover how Nikola leveraged the power of SAP software to:

  • Optimize design capabilities and meet the evolving needs of consumers.
  • Lay the groundwork for future integration of additional SAP products, such as the Vehicle Management System.
  • Enhance proficiency in procurement and inventory management for greater efficiency.
  • Implement a reliable manufacturing execution system to handle critical manufacturing processes.
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