Defending Against Ransomware and Other Cybersecurity Risks for Manufacturing 

Stepping up to Managed Cybersecurity

Why manufacturers make such tempting targets and how you can meet the threats head-on

Defending against ransomware and other cybersecurity risks for manufacturing

How you can meet cybercriminals’ actions head-on  

Manufacturing organizations make such tempting targets because they usually have everything that hackers look for: financial strength, high IT dependency, and much operational dependency on data.  

Cybersecurity professionals in manufacturing need specialized skills that include constantly-evolving security know-how combined with a knowledge of production processes, machines, and hardware.  

And because of this situation, the highest levels in your organization need to be engaged in IT security planning, and knowledge is the best basis for preparing for worst-case scenarios. 

Begin hardening your cyber defenses with the knowledge you’ll gain by downloading this whitepaper, including:

  1. Common forms of cyber attack you should know.
  2. Questions to help you assess your vulnerability to cyber attacks. 
  3. Six defense dimensions to block cyber criminals.