Maintain Your End User Adoption

Keeping Oracle E-Business Suite running at peak operating efficiency is a challenge for even the best IT departments. As key employees who either implemented or maintained the system move on, too often they take their knowledge with them. Patches alter ERP setups in unexpected ways, quickly dating system documentation. Business requirements change, but processes and technology lag behind.

Overcome Your Challenges

Syntax EBS Health Checks are designed to help Oracle EBS end users overcome those challenges. During each EBS Health Check, our consulting team reviews your Business Process Design, your CEMLI’s, and any other available documentation to provide recommendations for improvement.

Each Health Check seeks to answers such questions as:

  • Are all of your critical business processes clearly identified and adequately documented?
  • Are your BR100's accurate and up to date?
  • Does your CEMLI Tracking Dashboard have all the required information to accurately update you on the status of your objects?

Oracle EBS users should download this Health Check to determine how a review of your existing documentation, user training materials, job aids and knowledge transfer repositories can help keep you running at peak operating efficiency.

Oracle EBS Health Check