Optimizing SAP Implementation on AWS 

Ariston Group

Ariston Group partners with Syntax to rightsize SAP BI on AWS and improve cost efficiency

“What impressed us was Syntax’s methodical and structured approach coupled with their deep technical expertise in both SAP and AWS.”

Laura Laici  |  Ariston Group

Ariston Group provides water heaters, heat pumps, solar thermal solutions, and system components under its global brands of Ariston and ELCO and its range of leading national brands.

The company requires a highly reliable and robust IT infrastructure to support them in every corner of the world.

Syntax’s dual competence in both SAP and AWS is valued by Ariston Group. Ariston Group has acquired a single supplier for both technologies while meeting its cost-saving targets. With Syntax at its side, Ariston Group can be sure of its goal of being the world’s preferred partner for energy-efficient and renewable heating solutions.

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  • Implement SAP Business Intelligence on AWS
  • Hands-on expertise with SAP and AWS
  • Rightsizing - Simplifying Architecture and Optimization
  • Reduction in Operating Costs
  • Ongoing Commitment
  • Scalable Architecture
Ariston Group Case Study